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               Things                                   to   PROSPERITY,


                     LOOKING UP

                                                    Cover Story
                                                    By Paddy Kamen

                     here  is  nothing  like  a  pandemic  to  make   Dr. Diana Monea, owner of two Eye Health Centres
                     eyecare professionals (ECPs) sit up and take  in Calgary and one in Regina, worked throughout the
                     notice.  And in this  supposedly iconic year—  pandemic on the front lines for patients with emergency
                     2020—for the eyecare business, who could  vision needs. She observes that the demand for lenses
             Thave guessed that optical lens sales would be at  has increased since the shutdown: “More people are
             a virtual standstill for three months? But the recovery is  working from home and we see increased demand for
             looking good for lens sales and new products are helping  computer lenses and high-end progressives. It used to
             to fuel that.                                   be that patients would put dental care before vision, but
                                                             now, with both students and various employee groups
             Dr. Agata Majewski, owner of Owl Optometry in   working from home, vision care has ranked number one
             Toronto expected business to slowly ease back to   for insurance claims.”
             pre-COVID-19  sales  numbers  after  the  12-week
             shutdown. “But there was a surprising pent up demand  Patients seem to be price shopping less often when
             for eye exams, lenses and frames.” she notes. “It also  it comes to lenses, say both doctors. Possible reasons
             helped that area residents are strong supporters of local  include wanting a one-stop shopping experience,
             businesses.”                                    the need to avoid crowds and the fact that they have
                                                             confidence in the seriousness with which ECPs take
             Great offers from her main lens supplier—Shamir—also  disinfecting routines.
             helped to incentivize patients. Other manufacturers
             likewise rose to the occasion with special COVID-19-  Patient loyalty may be another factor. Monea says people
             related offers.                                 trust her clinic for products that are durable and will last.

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