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                  OP T IC AL LENSE S

               Highest quality and speedy delivery are two main mantras
               for Shamir Canada. This season they have added a lower
               price point lens and an anti-fog coating that excels.
               First the lens: Element has the full backing and quality the
               Shamir brand is famous for, at a 15 per cent lower price
               than their previous entry-level lenses. “We are very pleased   Glacier Anti-Fog is the only anti-glare coating that is
               with the Element because it offers the same great quality    permanent, says Bell. “Other such coatings need a cloth
               with slightly fewer features,” says Martin Bell, director,    or special liquid to recharge the anti-fog properties. But
               education and quality assurance. “It is a well-tested product    Glacier Anti-Fog needs no such attention; it is always
               that is new to the Canadian market and well suited to a   there and always working. It can be applied to all lenses
               post-COVID-19 world where price sensitivity may be key.”  and is available in clear or blue-filter products, as well as in
                                                                Polarized and Transitions lenses.”
               Although it wasn’t developed specifically for the pandemic,
               the Glacier Anti-Fog coating from Shamir has proven to   Eyecare professionals (ECPs) can order the Glacier
               be a godsend for anyone wearing a protective mask. A test   Anti-Fog coating for off-the-shelf frames when placing an
               with front line health care workers in London, Ontario,   order with Shamir. And safety frames will be provided at
               had a 100 per cent success rate, with emergency room staff   no charge to consumers for progressives, and a $25 charge
               using the lenses for full eight-hour shifts while wearing   for single vision, via a special arrangement between Shamir
               masks and goggles. “Private practice optical professionals   and Canadian safety frame provider, ArmouRx.
               are enjoying it as well,” notes Bell. “An optometrist recently
               shared that she can now spend a full day refracting without   And Shamir supports Canadian health care workers with
               having  to  tape  her  mask  to  her  face  to  avoid  fogging.   $10 donation to The Frontline Fund with every purchase
               Dentists have been ordering it, too.”            of Glacier Anti-fog.

               Centennial Optical has two new products as we move into
               the latter half of 2020.
               Rick Leroux, director of marketing and communications
               for the Lens Division, points to new availability of CHOICE
               PhotoActiv photochromic lenses in 1.50 index and 1.67
               high index, finished and semi-finished, single vision lenses.
               “These lenses rapidly activate to a neutral grey sunglass tint
               outdoors and quickly fade back to full clarity indoors. The
               PhotoActiv technology  provides consistent performance
               in all climates and seasons, and the lenses provide 100 per
               cent protection from UVA and UVB rays.”
               Also new this season is a new ultra-slick topcoat—Silk.
               “This is an enhancement to Kodak Clean and CleAR
               UV anti-reflective coating,” says Leroux. “It adds a
               fluorocarbon topcoat to the anti-reflective layers of the
               lens, which repels water, dirt, dust, fingerprints and oily
               smudges better than ever. Cleaning is a breeze and scratch  Silk is now available in Centennial’s Lab Pak program, on
               resistance is improved by 50 per cent.”          digitally customized uncut lenses.

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