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                                                                                            OP T IC AL LENSE S

             Essilor is once again fulfilling its mission   Launched in early 2020, the Varilux®
             to improve lives by improving sight with  Comfort Max is the latest addition to the
             more effective products: the Crizal® Rock™  Varilux range, distinguished by the way it
             is a case in point. This anti-reflective   provides each wearer with a larger vision
             coating breaks the troubling compromise  zone matched to their needs.
             between scratch resistance and smudge
             resistance.                        Guided by Flex Optim™ technology, the
                                                lens  adjusts  the  progression  profile  to
             Thanks to Essilor’s unique High-Resistance   each customer’s prescription (ametropia
             Technology, which combines specific  and addition), making it possible to
             oxides known for their dust, scratch and  enlarge the useful vision zone by +46 per
             temperature resistant properties, the  cent compared to Varilux Comfort 3.0.
             Crizal Rock coating offers exceptional  The wearer’s postural flexibility is thereby
             scratch-resistance, together with ease  improved, allowing more natural physical
             of cleaning, while preserving Crizal’s   positions when  wearing  the lenses.
             well-known attributes: reduced glare, UV  “Varilux Comfort Max guarantees
             protection and dust- and water-repellent  all-day-long vision comfort,” says Marion
             properties.                        Aymond, Varilux and progressive lenses
                                                brand manager for Essilor Canada.
             “To create innovative products”, adds
             Martine  Ahier,  senior  marketing  Tested and approved by wearers, Varilux  “We are convinced that Varilux Comfort
             manager, “we must also continually   Comfort Max lenses achieve all-around  Max  will  help eyecare professionals
             improve processes. So, a new rigorous  performance across vision zones. Eight  equip young presbyopes and encourage
             test  protocol, the  Lifeproof multi-test,  out of 10 wearers experienced easier   them to adopt progressive lenses,” adds
             was  developed  to confirm performance  adaptation and, nine out of 10   Aymond. “This Varilux innovation
             of  this  coating.  It  combines  technical,  presbyopes  who  had never  previously  is a reliable vision solution and great
             real-life and torture tests to assess the   tried progressive lenses want to continue  value, in line with customers’ connected
             resistance of a lens to wearers’ hectic lives.”  wearing them.       lifestyle.”

                                                                                        NEW ARRIVAL

                                                            NO MORE



                                                            Avoid the inconvenience of foggy
                                                            glasses when wearing a mask or visor.
                                                            These microfibre cloths are suitable for
                                                            all optical surfaces including those with
                                                            anti-reflective coating.
                                                            Each cloth is reusable up to 600 times
                                                            and eective for 24 hours.

                                                            FULL LINE OF PROTECTIVE PRODUCTS    

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