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                                                   / SEPTEMBER - OCTOBER 2020 /

                                            6      Our View

                                            8    From Pandemic to Prosperity, Things are Looking Up
                          Cover Story            OPTICAL LENSES:

                                                 From lenses that have been shown to halt myopia in children,
                                                 to the latest lens innovations for seniors and everyone in between,
                                                 our annual special lens feature brings the most significant new
                                                 developments to the fore.

                   Portrait of a Designer  14    The Accidental Designer: Michael Castillo for DITA

                          Making Contact  16     The Smart Wearable Mojo Lens

                           Special Report  22    COVID-19 Update: Opticians Mastering Change Together

                                            26   In the News

                                            36   Market Place

                                              PANDEMIC CHANGES NEEDS
                    in the next issue         Consumer needs have changed during the pandemic. Our feature explores why
                                              some consumers have more money to spend on high-end eyewear right now.
                   / NOVEMBER—DECEMBER 2020 /  We’ll learn how their needs to see better and project a strong self-image
                                              have evolved and how astute eyecare professionals can bolster their business
                                              with proactive marketing initiatives.

       4  /  SEPTEMBER - OCTOBER 2020   /  /
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