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                                                                                          OP T IC AL LENSE S

                                                                             “   More people are working from

                                                                                   home and we see increased
                                                                                   demand for computer lenses
                                                                                     and high-end progressives.

            NEW PRODUCTS
            New lens and coating products also help ECPs bring superior vision to patients.
            What’s new for the later half of 2020 and moving into the new year? Let’s have a

            With the motto ‘No One Does Optical Better’, Plastic Plus is proud to shout
            out their Polarized Mirror Lenses, now available in 15 gorgeous colours. “In
            response to increased demand for this product we have now launched a full
            inventory available in finished poly plano, poly surfaced and 1.67 surfaced,” says
            Vice-President Jason Faibish. “They also filter blue light in the harmful range.”

            While other companies have mirrored lenses, Faibish notes, “Most have a
            handful of basic colours, but no one else has this range of colours in pre-set
            Polarized mirrors.  We can create any progressive prescription or supply single
            vision. We are fully stocked up and selling hundreds of these a day.”
            Faibish loves the fact that he can quickly deliver what the market demands.
            “In the past we had to send lenses to a special lab that applied the mirror coatings.
            Now I can pull the blank and do the job in-house with no delays. Because we are a
            Canadian family business we can turn orders around as fast or faster than anyone
            in the industry. Doing everything in-building also ensures better quality control.”

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